“Failure is a few errors in judgement repeated daily, whereas success is a few simple disciplines, practiced well every day.” – Jim Rohn 


With around 20 years in business as a Manager, Director, MD, Chairman and Owner, he has founded and grown companies, run a multi-national manufacturing business and worked with businesses to maximise value, increase profitability and deliver improvements to all areas of a business.

From his background as a Degree qualified Engineer, he has always been able to analyse and find proof that something works, but he quickly learnt that even the most unique proposition can become a me-too offering unless it continuously reinvents itself. He is able to align product and service offerings to the customer and understands the future opportunities within a client relationship.

He possesses the ability to simplify the difficult, to focus on the important and give clarity to the impact of your decisions. He identifies what the business does for the customer, how it delivers the value proposition but more importantly why you got into business in the first place.


You will benefit from experiences gained working with global automotive and aerospace customers, scientific and medical companies, running service, manufacturing and engineering businesses and significant exposure to the financial and professional support services industries.

His experience of the highs and lows of business will help you understand the likely outcomes of your decisions whilst his passion, positivity and drive to make your business succeed, will give you the courage to make the right choices.

He encourages an inclusive management style, gaining inputs from all whilst creating an empowered and motivated workforce with optimised systems to repeatedly deliver. He assigns task ownership, holding the owners to account and challenges preconceptions, agreeing the best way forward and gaining buy-in to the single objective.

A former ski instructor and coach you will never be told to “follow me”. He believes that “Edu-tainment” is the key to improving as we learn more when it is fun and you’re engaged. He works with you as an individual, drawing on your strengths, he challenges you to perform to the best of your abilities, whilst increasing your circle of competence – Just in a warmer environment.


Our Mission

To work with 1000 businesses in the local area whilst having a positive impact on 500,000 people’s lives. To play an active role in the regeneration of a region that has been affected by the decline of historical industries. To create a business community who are proud of the region and opportunities they provide to improve the quality of life in the area.

Belief and Change

I work with business owners and businesses who believe that they can achieve their goals, but may not have found the easiest way to realise them. You must be committed to the journey and open to change. If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you are heading!


The journey we will go on will not only result in you achieving your business goals but your personal goals as well. There may be a time and place for “tough love”, which will require trust and a friendship, but we will celebrate successes together. You may surprise yourself in what you can achieve, surpassing your previous objectives and reaching new heights – “Only when I let go of what I am, do become what I might be.”


I have encountered few people in business who have not struggled at some point with time, team or money. Now for your Kundalini awakening moment!! – You are not alone.

The good news is that I can share with you over 280 strategies that have been honed from working with over 300,000 businesses in 73 countries. Strategies that can give you clarity in decision making, develop robust systems, build a stronger team, deliver more profit, make you better at business and give you, more life, from being in business.


ActionCOACH helps me to plan long term goals & actions as opposed to day to day running of the business, I managed to get my business up to a respectable level of growth with good profits but I realised that I needed help in the format of a ‘one to one’ coach to progress further without having to work a constant 80 hour week to keep up.  My Action Coach has helped me solve all of the problems that you encounter within a company with concise mentoring & advice. I now work on my business and not in it. My outlook has completely changed over the past 24 months, it can be daunting at times but my coach helps me overcome doubt in myself & push on. I now know why I’m in business, what I want from my business & have more free personal time…..brilliant!  – Davis Saunderson – VLS LTD

Sensible, practical advice.  Great awareness of the key challenges that the business faces. David Forrester – Lightwork Design Ltd